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Vefa Afyon Dental Clinic provides services at universal standards with our expert staff in all branches of dentistry such as maxillofacial surgery, Implantology, Orthodontics, Pedodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry. As a clinic that has been serving in the field of health for many years, modern information and In the light of modern technology, the protection of the oral and dental health of the society and patient satisfaction are always our priority. For a quality treatment service, we always attach importance to the principle of individual treatment, preventive practices and controls, and sustainability. TAs Vefa Family, together with all our physicians and employees; We work in harmony with the Ministry of Health, the Dental Association, Chambers of Dentists and Specialist Associations.


To provide a high quality and effective health service to all segments of the society, with our expert and qualified staff, who have adopted a contemporary, corporate business approach and are equipped with up-to-date information, respecting patient rights and adhering to traditional values.


To maintain our prestige in the health sector and to create an exemplary corporate image by constantly improving the health services we provide with our expert staff and competent employees serving with academic values. We are a health institution that aims to contribute to the development and maintain these services by following the highest level practices reached by dentistry in the international arena, with the scientific and quality of the service we offer in our country in every field we specialize in. 


  • To protect the rights of patients and their relatives.

  • To ensure the satisfaction of our patients and employees.

  • Health care at international level; to present with a professional staff.

  • To adopt a pioneering service approach by using modern technology.

  • Working without compromising scientific, conscientious and ethical principles

  • It is the realization of energy saving in order to raise awareness of all our employees about the environment and to protect our natural resources.

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